December 1975

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The last day of the year was clear an cold. Still no snow. We had a good Christmas except for illness.

On the afternoon of thed 24th the kids were bickering and at loose ends so we walked downtown and back. I was trying to make a wreath with the boughs all over the kitchen floor when Peter and Angenett and family came in. Bob came home from work early and we had a good visit and a mug of hot buttered rum.

After they left Rebecca complained of being sleepy. She had a temperature and a yucky throat. After dinner we went over to see Florence and Leonard for about an hour. I think it was their first Christmas Eve without grandchildren with them overnight. Christmas Day though they went over to Quincy.

We went home, read the Night Before Christmas, sang Christmas carols and got children to bed. Then I went over and got Linda Ohde and she helped me with all the Christmas things and I got her home around midnight. I was sort of keyed up and stayed up till one, reading.

Fortunately the children didn’ t wake up until almost 8:00. After doing their stockings (Rebecca hauled them into the boys’ room) they had to wait while Bob took a shower before opening gifts.

It was nearly 11 when I called the Ohdes who had invited us for breakfast. We ended up leaving Rebecca home where she admitted she’d be more comfortable. She was really miserable. We had a delicious breakfast and a good visit.

I took some pictures with my new Vivitar flash that Bob got me. He also gave me a tripod.

After we got home I took some things up to Dick’s and stayed there about an hour. Cheryl and others were there as well.

Saturday Rebecca seemed well enough to go to the ranch. We went with Jim Fields, Peter, Nick, Jessica, and Cedric. Angenett stayed home to study. Oh, and Friday Candie, Jim and Carin came and ate lunch with us and visited. Jim, Peter, Bob and Nick went up on the hill looking for a survey line. I stayed at the house with our three and Cedric and Jessica. The children played all over the meadow and then got out the badminton set. They (and I played a game with Cedric and Jeff till I got exhausted) played until it got too dark to see. The others got back around 5:30 and we were on our way home by 6:00.

Sunday I woke up sick with a sore throat and stayed in bed most of the day. That evening the Twights came over. Monday Peter and Angenett hiked up to Parker Creek. Monday I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep throat. We all had to have antibiotics.

And suddenly it was January, 1976.

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