Catching Up–photos-June 1973

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Those of you who remember the days of photo slides in all the little yellow Kodak boxes—or other companies in other colors—should be able to relate to my dilemma. I have several cardboard boxes of varying sizes filled with little yellow boxes that are filled with slides. Fortunately most are labeled and the year and general content are on the outside of each box. However, the years are not necessarily in order—they used to be—and were fastened together by rubber bands. Rubber bands eventually disintegrate.

I also have a number of slides inserted into metal slide holders in rectangular canisters that can be projected if one has the old projector. These are labeled and I wrote the name of each slide on the top paper cover, protected by clear plastic. However, the pencil notes have faded and pretty much require a magnifying glass.

It is actually the searching for photos to go with my journal jottings that take forever. When I eventually find the appropriate slides it is a time of joy. Whew! I recently discovered a canister from June (probably May and June) of 1973 with pictures I want to post. I’ve already written about the events, although maybe I neglected Jeff’s kindergarten graduation. But I’m doing a bit of catching up with this series: Salt Creek Falls in the Oregon Cascades—little did I know when we stopped there that someday I would live about an hour from there.

Nehalem, Oregon which we visited at least once a year to see my parents.

Root Creek at Castle Crags, the state park where my family lived for 10 years.

And Jeff’s kindergarten graduation–includes photos of Jeff, Chris Forslund, John Van Duyn, Clarke, Carin Fields.

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