The River

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Water swirlingThe River

Like a strong wind blowing leaves of deciduous trees
The sound of the river fills the space between
My heart and soul.
And right here near shore
Water swirls around a mossy boulder,
Cups it
The way a lover’s hands cup the beloved face,
Snowmelt that left
The higher mountains
Not that long ago.
Perfection is in each translucent palm,
Perfection in the flow of stream
Curling back,
Carrying bubbles
Like dreams
that form and float
And disappear.
At night moonlight slips quietly
Down the far side,
Embracing the alders,
Softly tracing the white foam of rapids.
If you listen carefully, standing as calmly
As the silent Douglas firs along the banks,
You may learn what the river knows.

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